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Fast-Track MedTech Patient Care With Simulation

Meet Virtual Twin Technology


Convert Bottlenecks in Medtech Product Development Into Rapid Innovation

Developing new devices can take up to five years for an average investment of $30-$90 million. By identifying disconnected, time-consuming processes and introducing connected digital technologies that help you collaborate end-to-end, you can optimize product life cycles to maximize return on investment, shorten time to market and advance patient outcomes.

physical prototyping

Reduce unnecessary physical prototyping to cut escalating development costs and time.


Identify design and manufacturing issues early and eliminate costly product recalls.

facilitate faster design

Leverage sustainable, virtual solutions to reduce production waste and improve tech transfer.


Avoid concept mishaps and facilitate faster design iterations with a digital collaboration platform.

Accelerate safety testing

Accelerate safety testing, clinical validation, and time to premarket approval with in silico solutions.


Navigate a challenging regulatory environment through robust data management and enhanced traceability.

Virtual Twin Technology and 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform: Reach End-To-End Simulation

The Virtual Twin Experience: Visualize, Model and Simulate

Reduce cycles of physical prototyping and lower costs with advanced medical device simulation. With virtual twin technology, quickly assess the properties, performance, and efficiency with multiple realistic 3D models.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Real-Time Collaboration

Accelerate the MedTech development cycle with quicker design iterations. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a collaborative space to connect multiple simulation capabilities across engineering disciplines throughout your value network. 

Virtual Twin of Humans: Simulation-Based Clinical Trials

Shorten clinical trial phases with simulation-driven in silico trials. The virtual twin can create realistic inorganic models from patient medical information to simulate clinical studies.

Virtual Twin Technology: Doorway To End-To-End Optimization

Virtual twin breeds optimization opportunities throughout a product’s lifecycle to answer urgent healthcare needs for safer and more efficient medical devices &  in vitro diagnostics at lower costs.

Virtual Twin vs Digital Twin

Digital twin technology represents a virtual form of a physical object. A virtual twin goes beyond the digital replica by incorporating mechanical, electromagnetic, and microfluidic properties into the design. 

From detailed 3D prototypes to realistic organ models, the virtual twin technology pushes the limits of simulation and can provide reliable insights into various complex environments.

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Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Breeding Ground for Innovation

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collaborative platform designed to unify people and ideas. This single interface facilitates sharing data, know-how, and experience within your business environment and value network.

From product concept to commercialization, Dassault Systèmes provides tools to solve problems across your device life cycle. With 3DEXPERIENCE as your partner, you can think outside the box and start materializing your avant-garde ideas into the real world.

Give Your Company a Head Start: Download the Handbook


Explore how end-to-end simulation can help you to:

  • Develop high-performance devices faster and at a lower cost.

  • Run in silico clinical trials and gain approvals quicker.

  • Produce safe, effective and quality products that meet patient and regulatory needs.

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